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  • Pilates

  • Pilates

  • Mindful Pilates:

    Achieve your goals with a customized Pilates equipment workout in your home. 

  • Mindful Pilates with a workout Partner:

    Achieve your goals and work out with a fitness buddy, with a customized Pilates equipment workout in your home. 

10 Classes for $132

A Pilates Mat/Core Workout for Strength and Tone!

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Sharing space in Kensington @ Body and Mind Works and in the Beltline @ Syn.ap.tic!!
Closed for Summer Break: August 18 to Sept 7,  Fall Schedule:  Sept 8 to Dec 16, 2015

I am happy to be able to offer Pilates at a South side and North side location from the Downtown Core and accommodate clients from a location perspective.

Our practice at Equilibrium PILATES & rehabilitation inc. is built on a thorough understanding of the work of Joseph Pilates and our own commitment to the work has created an exceptional standard of excellence and expertise.

The core of instruction is the Pilates reformer and apparatus work and a personal approach that reflects our Certification, extensive movement background and ongoing professional development.