Mindful Moving, Joyful Moving.

About equilibrium PILATES & rehabilitation


equilibrium PILATES & rehabilitation inc. is about Joyful and Mindful movement.

About Equilibrium Pilates CalgaryAt equilibrium:

I believe each of us can affect change positively and consciously.

I believe that success is the result of intention.

I believe that mindful moving and living is as important for myself as it is for my clients.

Embrace and celebrate:

    • Competence,  Do you know what you are doing?
    • Character,  Will you do the right thing, even if it cost you personally?
    • Compassion, Do you care as much about me as you do about yourself?

I believe that continuous learning contributes to the evolution of mindful living and Moving.
"No matter where we are today, we are committed to enhancing tomorrow."

About Dagmar Viberg

bio_dagmarAfter establishing a successful career in the fitness industry developing aerobic programs, personal training and training group fitness leaders in the Calgary area, Dagmar found her passion in Pilates.


She founded and grew a successful Pilates studio from 1997 to 2014, equilibrium PILATES & rehabilitation inc.  Using her extensive background of fitness, dance, and movement development and melding it with Pilates to assist clients with reaching their goals was a "dream come true".


At the same time, Dagmar was also able to earn a Master Trainer designation with Pilates Core Integration out of Phoenix, Arizona.  Her first student teachers have graduated and begun their personal journey's with teaching Pilates.

 Closing the studio and becoming an independent teacher has allowed me to regroup and refocus.  It takes a while, and now with some professional development on the horizon and a keen interest in redefining how we age and how movement can play a pivotal role, I am excited to redefine my pilates business.


Movement is a large part of overall health and no one is immune to the benefits that physical activity can bring to our lives.  “Just Do It”


Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Pilates Mat & Reformer Certified(Dianne Miller)

Core Dynamics(Michelle Larsson)

Master Trainer for Pilates Core Integration

Gyrotonic™ Level 1

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