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Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training

Through a combination of group classes, open group workouts, privates, observation, and student teaching, participants develop their skills to become a qualified Pilates teacher, able to teach Pilates mat classes and work with clients individually and in groups on all the Pilates equipment.  Each Level incorporates mat, reformer, chair, trap table, and auxillary equipment.

Participating in the Pilates Core Integration Teacher Training is also open to students of Pilates who wish to deepen their understanding of the work as well.

The process is typically a 12 to 18 months long.  The work is offered within a "semester" format.  Additional workouts, observations and assignments will be done on the student's schedule during the week.

Workshops are either mat or equipment and are presented in levels. The equipment workshops have 4 levels and include all the pilates equipment. The mat workshops combine Level 1 & 2 in a weekend format and Level 3 & 4 in a weekend.

Both the Mat and the Equipment each have a written exam, teaching and performance test out to complete the certificate.  In keeping with the semester theme, the Comprehensive Equipment Workshops are offered  in one full 3 day weekend(Friday through Sunday) towards the end of the "semester" . The Mat workshops are one Saturday and Sunday.



The Mat and Equipment Comprehensive course offerings are currently being reviewed and revamped.  


The Pilates Core Integration website link below will take you to more extensive information about the program. Please contact Dagmar Viberg about the Calgary based delivery of this program at equilibriumpilatescalgary@gmail.com


Teacher Training at Equilibrium Pilates Calgary